Oblik Atelier jewelry is unexpectedly sculptural and seeing each piece on the body helps you make decisions as to what would look good on you. In person and virtual visits are an intimate way to see more than you would see on the website, have insight into the creative process and connect with me, the creator. Down the road when you are stopped on the street about the piece you are wearing you can proudly speak about why and how you chose your jewelry and in turn be my best spokesperson. My biggest gift is connecting with you.
I create my work to release tension between an esoteric idea and tangible three-dimensional object, and when that piece of jewelry finds its person, my world is complete.

It is my desire that each piece sold is not merely a transaction, rather it is a journey you and I take together to dress you in empowering, sensual and gorgeous wearable sculptures that will be conversation starters for years to come!