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Eye of Horus brooch

My recent travel to Egypt inspired this pin. We all reach for a bit of protection and these days, March 2022, feels like we could all use a protective amulet. I wrote more about my trip here in case you are interested. https://kae54zpfeat38e8f-373915701.shopifypreview.com/blogs/news/in-awe

This pin is made out of a single wire that I shaped into a fairly figurative image of Horus. I like the challenge to see if I can execute a form with only one single wire.  I included an image as a reference. This was found at the Temple of Horus in Edfu. Beautiful and majestic temple.

Pin is about 3"x3.25" approximately as each one is bent by hand. I am also toying with the idea to make it into a pendant/necklace. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested.

I tend to wear all of my pins in the middle of my shirt or dress deliberately, I believe pins are miniature sculptures and are meant to convey a message . This brooch is communicating directly with you as a symbol of protection and it is also communicating outwards. 
I hope you wear it frequently! 

Hand fabricated in 12 gauge brass wire, finished with nickel free 14k gold plating. 


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