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Horus Brooch

My second tribute to god Horus directly taken from one of the hieroglyphs from the Horus Temple at Edfu. I was so touched with the graphic quality of the Horus (falcon) imagery in Egypt that I felt I needed to directly translate this into a pin. 
If you are curious about my trip take a look at this journal entry:


This is a protective amulet, Horus is meant to have protective and healing powers and judging where we are today perhaps this is welcome. For me, challenge in creating pieces like this is how to make it with the least amount of material, uncomplicated, interesting, visually arresting and elegant. 

This pin is made out of a single wire that I hand formed. Hand fabricated in brass, polished  and finished with 14k gold nickel free plating.

3"x2.5" in size, and it's approximate as I make each by hand. 

I am considering making a pendant as well, feel free to encourage me:) 

Bold, sculptural, handmade jewelry in Brooklyn, NY.

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