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Insider Hoop Earring

My first take on the 2000 year old design- the hoop earring. 
All the interest is on the inside of the earring.. Hidden.. 
~4-5mm wide 

~ the diameter of the hoop is between 1.5 and 1.75"  (varies because each piece is hand bent)

It's all about the details as always with each Oblik Atelier piece.
Image of my friend Emily Noelle Lambert, who is a painter and a sculptor wearing Insider earrings: 

Second image is a beautiful model wearing the earrings in a photoshoot for Yunizon eyewear. This company was started by my friend Kim when she recognized that there is a white space for eyewear that is specifically addressing fit as we all have very different face shapes. 

Check them out here:  https://www.yunizoneyewear.com/

Bold, sculptural, modern and fierce jewelry handmade in Brooklyn, New York

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