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Needle and Thread collar necklace

Visually stunning collar necklace,  created by forming and sculpting a single wire into a miniature wearable sculpture. This pieces is made of 3mm round  wire that I bend an manipulate by hand to create a sculptural shape. Each piece is unique as wire always responds differently!

6" by 7" wide and approximately 1" in overall height. 

Made out of brass wire with 14k gold plated finish.

Necklace sits on the collar bones and is extremely complementary to that sensual part of the female body, the neck. Looks elegant on bare skin, turtle neck or a crew neck. 

Featured here is my friend Stella and her husband Domenic.

She owns Rancho Relaxo, a lifestyle shop in Palm Springs.  Please check it out here:


Also due to the nature of the necklace and variance in our bodies if you need a bigger size diameter please contact us prior to purchasing. 

Bold, sculptural, modern and fierce jewelry handmade in Brooklyn, New York

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