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Heart Stud earrings - Let's Embrace

Heart earrings and Let's Embrace was my "shelter in place" project during April and May of 2020. I wanted to create something that would keep me connected to my friends.  It provided me with an opportunity to bring joy to other people when everything around us was filled with uncertainty....and it still is. Thank you for supporting this effort.  Please read the interviews I conducted during this time for more information. 

Each heart earring is cut by hand, with a satin finish, not a high polish. This means that each shape and size varies and you truly have one of a kind piece.. 


MINI- about .5"

SMALL- about 1"

LARGE - about 1.5" 


Hand cut in sterling silver, satin finish applied by hand. hand finish.

Share the story behind these earrings, gift them, connect back with me, would love to get some feedback:)

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