I recently organized “Click” a mini soiree that brought people together for a conversation, creation of new friendships, photography and of course jewelry. 

I shy away from hiring models to showcase my jewelry, I’ve rather been patiently encouraging my collectors to share when they wear my work and in this way become my best form of PR.  I hired a very talented photographer Alexandra Arnold (who took my recent portraits) to be the center point of the evening.

The idea was to encourage everyone to put a piece of Oblik Atelier jewelry and strike a pose in front of Alexandra’s keen eye. 

It took a glass or two of wine for everyone to loosen up, connect with others in attendance and to comfortably play around with Alexandra.

Space was the Creative Content Loft, owned by Dian Griesel a woman of many facets. Her generosity and engagement made the event a success! It was the perfect setting for this little combination event. First and foremost it is a photo studio, but also a place that can host a gathering, providing me with a blank canvas to create an environment and an experience.

My dear friend Arnold Ephraums created beautiful flower installations  that gave the space the spring feel. Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like his expertise - I will happily connect you! 

My aim was to create an experience, that connects me with my ardent collectors allows me to meet new ones. I also created content that speaks about my brand- which is real people wearing my work. And lastly, an avenue for people to form new connections.  Evening was intimate but I was able to accomplish this goal and walk away with assurance that if I create interesting work and experiences people will attend! Thanks to everyone for coming out! 



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  • I’m a fan of your jewelry! AND the marvelous mystique and draw of it originates from the love of the art from you the artist.

    Dian Griesel on

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