"Let's Embrace" is an idea born during the "stay at home" period in NYC. I created a pair of heart earrings inspired by @JGOLDCROWN graffiti I found in Dumbo, Brooklyn, on one of my walks. I sent friends and strangers"snail-mail" with this gift. My only ask in a letter sent along, was for them to engage in an conversation with me, a video call or an email exchange. I wanted to use this small project to amplify other people, their creativity, share insights and inspirations . My desire was to stay connected with my friends and to make new friends during this time that is testing our inherent human desire to connect and commune with others.



Maneesha is an infectious disease doctor now based in Baltimore. We met years ago through a mutual friend when she lived in NYC. We catch up every few years and what always amazes me is how candid, open and generous she is to speak about her life experiences. In this conversation we connect about her new way of practicing medicine, about her Indian upbringing in Texas, about her new facet in life as a life coach as well as her current journey to become a mother. Maneesha is a generous, empathetic and kind soul with the most genuine smile. Her candor and character offer really deep and intimate insights about her life journey which we can all benefit from.

This conversation is a bit different.. 
Eunice is a friend, and one of the people I wanted to gift the heart earrings as we were all at home, isolated and concerned about the world. It was supposed to bring her joy and for us to have a moment to connect as we don't connect very frequently. 
By the time I sent these earrings, NYC came together in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and I felt the need to ask Eunice about her personal experience around racism and thoughts on current state of affairs in our lives especially as residents of the most dynamic place, New York City!  - Read more

This is an intimate conversation with my mother, Maida. She has had a very colorful life and considering we can't spend too much time together this year, I felt it would be lovely to connect. Year 2020 is defined by resilience and that made me think about my mother. Her ability to adapt, grow and transform has been remarkable to watch. This conversation is rather intimate, but I wanted to share how amazing she is and how her process (not thought process) has a larger impact on people around her.
This conversation is with writer Christine Mason Miller. We never met, but 10 years ago I was an avid reader of her blog called Swirly Girl. There was no Instagram at that time, and Facebook was not your go-to social channel. Blogs were a way to connect with a bigger world, create new friendships, share ideas and experiences.. After publishing one of her books " Ordinary Sparkling Moments" she asked her new found friends to become her book fairies and leave books for random people to find them. I thought of this generous gesture when I started sending hearts out to people and I reached out to connect. This conversation touches on that history, her very personal and unique response to what is happening in the States these days and her reflections on "pulling a bit away" from the on-line world..
This conversation is with Phyllis Pastore. She has been a cabaret singer in New York City since the late 1980's. This is a musical episode, followed by some insights into how cabaret scene i, how has it evolved during the pandemic and a few of Phyllis's offers about being an optimist.
This conversation is with Kimberly Van Schoyck Rijoas, the creative director of Yunizon eyewear brand. Her ethos of inclusivity is the brand's main message. It felt timely to speak to her as we are facing long overdue wrongs in our society. Brand launched almost 2 years ago and is based in NYC and Australia.
This conversation is with Iva Rukelj. She is an intellectual property attorney with a keen sense of style. This conversation is informative as it touches upon protecting our creative assets and the easiest way to get started.
This conversation is with Olivia Cognet of ceramic studio Maison Bisous. I met Olivia in Paris during a trade show called Premiere Classe, when she was the creative director of a famous shoe brand called Apologie. This was back in 2014/15. A few years later, she moved to Los Angeles with her husband, got a cute kiddo and started a ceramic studio. Her ceramics are gorgeous, big, bold, inspired by Brutalist art movement, 1960's with a very California color palette. This is a short and candid conversation about her inspiration and her creative process and about finding a new home in Los Angeles.