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As someone who has worked in corporate design world, I was trained to create seasonal product, key items and make new collections. When I started my jewelry business, with limited editions I follow...

Making Connections

How have you made new connections this year?   In January of this year, I came across an article from OZY, about 25 women reshaping the C-suite. As I read and looked at their photos, I started thin...

Art Jewelry Forum feature

Thanks to my friends at Brooklyn Metalworks for featuring the Tempest bracelet as their Gallery Choice on Art Jewelry Forum Website.. https://artjewelryforum.org/on-offer-19

Studio Visit

A woman from the BIJOUX show in Paris stopped by my studio.  I love how I'm so high-low here... but above all HAPPY in my element. Wanna come say hi? We have Open Studio series...sign up to be no...

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