I lent my jewelry to Anna Keville Joyce earlier this spring to use on a project. She left Buenos Aires last year not realizing that she will not be returning to it and the life she built over the course of last decade. During the year 2020 and 2021 we all went through various degrees of loss, grief, uprooting, change, disconnect, to name a few. Some of us are lucky to be able to transform these feelings into visual, sound or experience bytes. 

Anna is a food stylist and a creative director and this project is a departure from the meticulous, vibrant and curated food projects she usually works on. 

She took herself as close as she could to what she refers to Latin Gold. For Anna, Latin love is Latin gold. Physical distance brought razor sharp focus to her yearnings, what community is for her, what nourishes her soul, creative and otherwise. Latin culture is very intimate and touch is essential and primordial. She captured this intimacy and this essence within these images. 

She dedicated the project to Buenos Aires and to us: delicate, dynamic souls upheld by human connection.


We had an opportunity to speak a few months after her completing it and she reflected:

"....but more than anything as with most and many artistic projects at least in my case, the process is the true expression and healing.  Now the images are more like memories of that process than “objects" in and of themselves."


May touch, sense, friction, texture, movement, elasticity, warmth, pressure, be honored. And return with a refreshing rush of salty ocean wave. 

Unbind. Love wildly. HUMAN LOVE.


Loss only recently pierced me, and when Anna finally sent these over, the quiet, simple images really brought forward something that was churning in me.  A sense of world lost that I have known, freedoms, comforts, pleasures, pieces of existence I now realize I took for granted. Paradise indeed lost....

I'm sharing a few images featuring my work, but I mostly wanted to create a space for her imagery to exist and for me record a certain sense of loss I was marching through, not fully aware,  all this time.

It's a brief respite and a pause. 


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  • These images are so, so beautiful, and your creations are perfect. 🙏🏻 What an extraordinary collaboration.

    Christine on

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