People always speak about my work as wearable sculpture. I have adopted that description long time ago, and now I'm trying to rephrase it as there are so many  artists and brands utilizing that verbiage about their work. For me sculptural expression is first and foremost and jewelry second thereafter. I try to actualize a three dimensional shape out of my fleeting mental vision.

My education started in applied arts at the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, Croatia. Functional objects always capture my attention. Clever design and thoughtful pieces excite me to no end. I felt a bit like an impostor stepping into this space, but the itch kept getting more present and it was time to attend to it.

For a few years I've held onto a few brass tubes that I envisioned as lights. Merry from Gallery 360 in Minneapolis called in 2021 and offered me a small window installation to try and push myself into this dimension. I promptly said yes, without actually thinking it through. A year later I am maybe at the beginning of something.

To get here I did the following:

1) thought about it to no end since 2017-18 (but also since 2005 when I entertained the idea of attending the Domus Academy in Italy for industrial design)

2) made a non-functional prototype that I looked at for 2+ years


3) took a private course in tube making with Brian at my studio Brooklyn Metalworks 

Light process photo  light process photo - hammering out the shape

4) took a workshop at Haystack in steel fabrication to open up my headspace and allow myself to think big and different

mia at Haystack

5) Finally made 5 lights and 2 wall sculptures in the span of 3+ months

Let there be Lights    A Metal Cloth

  light production


 My hope with this expansion is to further my creative expression and to continue to challenge myself. It would be grand to collaborate with lighting designers or other creatives to execute this in a bigger way, Lastly I'm open to whatever unexpected bit could come out of this and I'm ok with it ending right here.

But, I am very grateful to Merry Beck of Gallery 360, for believing in me and providing me the space to execute something so completely outside of my comfort space. 

Would love to hear  your thoughts:) 

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  • Off and running …good luck in your new direction.

    Tom Friedman on

  • Hello Mia,
    Your newsletter is always received with joy and anticipation. Congratulations on your lighting and sculpture. Keep turning the pages…wishing you continued success.
    Best, Pam

    Pam Levine on

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