Bowtie is a hand formed ribbon resembling pasta that wraps around your finger.  It is fabricated in brass and finished in 14k gold plating
Bowtie ring
Bowtie ring

Bowtie ring

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Bowtie is a ring you will wear every day. You will wear it so much that you will eventually ask us to make in solid gold and we will do this for you!

Easy to wear, yet unique in shape this is a hand fabricated piece so it's very light and comfortable.

Name is referencing bowtie pasta.. I must've been hungry when I made this ring!:)

~Size is Approximately 5/8 at its widest point

~ hand fabricated out of 1mm brass sheet and finished in 14k gold, nickel free plating

we can make this ring in sterling silver or solid gold,

please email us 

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