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Fork in the road earrings

"Fork in the road" earrings were inspired by a custom project I was doing in 14k gold. The ask was a single loop with a post. And as I played with defining the ultimate curve I decided to pair up two of the curved strips together for a new idea. 

This earring is elegant, medium size so it compliments the face, but it's intriguing and unique enough that it will draw a lot compliments and start conversations. I love how it frames the face and the loops make earrings dynamic. This earring will become the cornerstone of your wardrobe! 

1.25" x .5" in size with post hidden in the back so it really beautifully falls from the face.  I tend to also hide the posts especially as some of my collectors have been wearing jewelry for decades and don’t want to show the wear:) I’m here for you!

Hand fabricated in brass, high polished and finished with 14k nickel free gold plating.


Also available in sterling silver!


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