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A metal cloth

My first foray into wall hangings. It is a beginning. This wall piece was created within certain parameters considering my jewelry practice. I wanted to provide constraints that would guide me to execute this in the best way possible. This is  reflected in size of the material and fabrication style. 

This sculpture is created out of 65+ individually cut and hammered brass strips. There is no soldering/welding, rather they are stacked with hammered parts protruding outward into space. Aim is to reflect light and for it to be installed where sun or artificial light can  play with the petals.

Wall hanging is 6" wide and about 8" Long. The hooks are meant to be  used for hanging. 

In a perfect world I would love to create a wall hanging that is about 3-5 times as long so it covers a larger surface.  Or to create a space installation where these are 4-5 times bigger in each direction. Speak to me! 

Please note this is a one of a kind piece and I will be taking commissions on this idea and variations on the theme. Please  email me with questions or to get started on your commission piece info@oblik-atelier.com

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