Double wrapped ribbon-like ring called Change Agent. It is hand formed in brass and finished with 14k gold plating.
Change Agent- ring

Change Agent- ring

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Name was inspired by Coach George Raveling's quote from a recent Tim Ferris show that says"

"We can all fully commit to be a positive change agent, positive difference maker in as many lives as possible"

I believe with making and contributing via my creations to the needs of others around me beyond product I am signing up for this role.

This ring, a variation on a theme going on for years is newest addition to the Brass Band collection. 

About 1-1.25" inch or so on the top, it's an easy piece to wear but definitely a bold ring. Each piece is hand formed in brass sheet and finished with 14k gold plating. 

We can customize in sterling silver as well, send us an inquiry


Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

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