Flow ring
Flow ring
Flow ring

Flow ring

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These rings were created from November 1st through November 13th (13th marking my birthday) where I deliberately transformed my anxiety into creative focus.

These rings are hand cut, hand shaped and bent, hand hammered, and hand polished brass. I kept the markings and all the dents and nicks as a reminder of the labor that went into it, and the cathartic experience I had working through each of these designs. 

This is the "Flow" Ring. I made this half way through. I believe I hit the wonderful phase of flow and it just came together (even though it was a completely different idea in my head- it is hard to bend metal to your will)

~one of a kind,  will consider adding into the line - after this 1st piece . Email me of interested info@oblik-atelier.com

~ finger size approximately 6.75-7 

~ polished brass

~ rings will take on a patina from wearing and being exposed to your body chemistry

Unique and sculptural 

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