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Let there be light!

"Let there be light" has been an itch I've been dying to scratch for many years. Everyone always describes my jewelry as wearable sculpture and I've been asked if I will ever foray into this space. 

I am excited to ease into the applied arts through these handmade light fixtures. I've created both table lamps and hanging pendants. They are had cut out of brass sheet, folded, hammered and finished with a patina. There are a lot of obvious hand marks, I am not aiming for an industrial look, rather a handcrafted one  that's an extension of my work in jewelry. They come with LED bulbs so the metal doesn't heat. Inside is hand sanded so the light gently glows in dark. 

Tall size: 9"x4.5"

Medium Size 10"x4"

Long Size 12"x4"


Please note these are made to order and I need 4 weeks to ship.  I am also open to work on commission on variations on this theme, so please send any inquiries my way: info@oblik-atelier.com

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