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Serpens III

This lovely,  fluid collar necklace was egged on through a custom project. I went into serpent land and followed the symbol of fertility and I wanted a very elegant and simple single line that follows towards the center of a person's body.  It is a gorgeous sculpture for the body. 

A serpent is a symbol of creative life force. Each piece that I put out into the world comes through this creative life force. Serpent also symbolizes fertility and rebirth and I love all of these meanings that are folded in each one of these curves.

It's 6" wide and about 10" long, very light and easy to wear.

Each is made by hand, in brass and finished in 14k nickel free gold plating. Please allow variance as each necklace is made by hand. 

Please allow a week to ship this, unless I have it in stock. Feel free to email me at info@oblik-atelier.com if you need it expedited!


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