Yet another project commissioned by a husband. I love you men and your efforts and am always so joyous to see how thoughtful and eager you are to make your partner surprised and happy. Most wonderful of all; these are long lasting relationships that have endured life in its many forms. Seeing that after a decade,  two +, there is still excitement and desire, reminds me how important intimacy is and how you have to stay committed to continuously build the relationship. This is no BS and you all know it.

Cody asked for a piece for Ali in celebration of her 40th birthday. Ali happens to have at least 10 of my pieces, all thanks to MORA jewelry. Marthe always stocks great pieces and over the years Ali and Cody would pick up a new piece, or pieces from my friends, Laura Woods or Sarah West to name a few. Being able to create something special for someone that's an avid collector is a special honor. 

Cody shared a few intimate details and like everyone else last year, they both endured a lot of "disruptions". This stuck with me and I felt like I wanted to work around the idea of life, disturbances and cycles. 

My thoughts were moving around a circle of life and how different events, situations, things, pull us in different ways and how that can be shown as a beautiful and dimensional disruption. Sometimes these pulls are positive and sometimes a bit harder. But that is the cycle and we loop back into the stability after each disruption. 

The pin is an organized chaos, beautifully balanced in it's asymmetry. So much symbolism, I fell in love with it.

I cut up some paper (this seems to be my new modus operandi when it comes to prototyping!) and started building the piece.


Paper is not rigid so no actual circle formed, but what I was able to see was layers in all different directions. Cody chose sterling silver and I suggested to add patina as I felt it would have more of a "lived in" feeling. 

Commissions are next level. They are fun and exciting as they always make you step outside of your regular rhythm. They are also challenging technically and emotionally and they require testing and trying before diving in. This was a beautiful, steady building process and I am so happy with the results. 


Upon receiving her gift Alicia sent me a note:


This is one of my biggest gifts:) Happy Birthday Alicia!  And thank you Cody for connecting with me! 


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  • I love seeing your process…especially that you explored your initial ideas with paper! Such a beautiful story. ❤️

    Christine Mason Miller on

  • Congratulations, Mia! Beautiful piece and very well deserved praise!

    Doris Nathan on

  • This is just wonderful! A fabulous union of love, art and relevance. What a beautiful piece to treasure.

    Sharon Dietrich on

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